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Increase your sales with the
'word of mouth Marketing'

Our software is a powerful ally to grow organically by building loyalty 
and involving customers

Automatically reward your customers for referrals

Increase your sales by using our promotions within your commercial strategy.

Engage your audience to make a purchase through our promotional ads. Sell ​​at full price and reward users who successfully conduct campaigns a final balance through our Coin.

Generate new leads and conversions thanks to your Reeflex campaigns. Our platform offers a free promotional showcase where you can place your ads and get noticed. The UGCs that feature Reeflex have high CTR and ER and bring in new leads spontaneously and economically.

Promotions and campaigns actively lead your customers to participate in the life of your company by transforming them from simple customers to 'collaborators'. In this way, a solid and lasting bond is established that builds customer loyalty.

Involve and activate a community to support your brand

"Trust is more present in horizontal relationships than in vertical ones, as evidenced by the fact that consumers trust other consumers much more than businesses." (P. Kotler)

Activate a community of ambassadors by targeting promotions to the profiles that best suit your brand. Take advantage of the dynamics of micro influencing and transform your most social customers into your ambassadors in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.

Create challenges, contests and promotions to engage your customers in the production of content for your company.
Grow organically with original and captivating content that brings results up to 8 times higher than ads or company content.

Reward your customers when they review your products. 
Use our campaigns to populate your site and your review products, in order to gain the trust of new customers. 


Engage our users in actions relevant to your brand with our campaigns. Generate new leads and interactions by requesting your target to subscribe to your newsletter, a test service, your Instagram profile and much more.

Get quotes from professional creators and influencers with Reeflex PRO.

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