FAQ - Users

Once you have successfully completed your registration and received confirmation of your account verification via e-mail, all you have to do is complete your profile! Click on the icon at the top right to access your profile and add the missing information by clicking on 'Edit Profile'.

Connect your social accounts like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat.
Don't worry if you don't have them all, connect the ones you use!

Once you have completed your profile you will be ready to participate in your first campaign!

In your 'Campaigns' section you will find the list of campaigns you can participate in. 
Browse them using filters and sorting to find the ones that interest you the most and read carefully the instructions of our partners.
When you find a campaign that interests you, save it by clicking on the heart-shaped icon on the card or on the 'Save Campaign' button. 

Once saved, the campaign will appear on the 'Your campaigns' section. 
By following the instructions of the individual campaigns (which you will find in PDF below or in the pop-up on each campaign) perform the actions requested by the brands and upload a screenshot containing the evidence of your activity by clicking on the 'Upload file' button.
At this point you just have to wait for the revision of your files and that's it 😉

Reeflex coins are the payment method you will receive once a campaign is completed. Each campaign card highlights the number of coins you will be able to receive.

Collect your coins and transfer them to Amazon Gift Cards directly from the platform!

Reeflex coins have a variable value based on when you convert them, accumulate them and get more!

Here the conversion value:

  • 0-599 = € 0,075 each coin 
  • 600-999 = € 0,083 each coin
  • > 1000 = € 0,1 each coin

Converting your coins is very easy!
Go to the 'redeem' section of your Dashboard that you find under 'Gift Cards' and enter the number of coins you want to convert in the appropriate field. The system will show you the value in € that you are going to receive. 

Continue with the conversion and you will get your Amazon Gift card directly in the email used during registration 🙂

Reeflex allows you to participate in 2 main types of campaigns:

DISCOUNT: 'Discount' campaigns allow you to save on your purchases!
By purchasing a product advertised on a 'discount' campaign and completing the campaign correctly you will earn coins by shopping!

ACTION: Action campaigns allow you to earn coins by participating in marketing of our partner companies. 

Discover all the types of campaigns available and the rules to complete them correctly by downloading the 'Campaign requirements' PDF in your personal area.

When you participate in a campaign, your work and the quality of it is governed by the 'community guidelines' which you can find in our terms and conditions. 
Stick to the rules and use Reeflex correctly. 

If your uploads don't meet the minimum quality requirements, companies can review your uploads.
In this case, Reeflex independently checks your uploads and possibly, if a deficiency in your work is found, it can block the payment of the coins and in cases of serious misconduct it can suspend your account.

Read carefully the regulations and the community guidelines to avoid running into problems!


Reeflex PRO is our service reserved for professional content creators, photographers and video makers
PRO campaigns help you increase your revenues and participate in numerous projects, allowing you to send quotes and applications to complete the campaigns you like best.

Search for PRO campaigns in your listing and as in the normal service, save the campaigns that interest you most. Once the campaign has been saved, you can send your quote and the information you deem necessary to let the brand know about you and the project.

Once selected, access the order page where you can communicate with the brand and complete the job.

Reeflex PRO guarantees you all the safety you need to do your job in the best possible way.
Payment of your compensation is received by Reeflex once your quote is accepted and released to your preferred payment method once the job is complete.


To become a PRO user, submit the application you find in your profile section.
The service is reserved for Content Creators, Video Makers and Professional Photographers, in possession of a VAT number or a registered company.

Reeflex PRO is a free service for users. 
We earn a 15% commission on the quote price, paid directly by the companies when placing the order.

To receive your payment we need you to send us a regular invoice.
Once the company has accepted your work and marked the order as 'complete' just click on the 'upload invoice' button on the order page and upload your invoice. 

Reeflex will send you the payment of your compensation on the payment method you have selected within 5 working days.


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